The Company


Stephen Wang | Alan Zhu

Sara Hall | Jessica Spies

Mila Anders | Micaela Ellis

Matt Risley | Patrick Mandziy

Tim Hudson | Tom Hughes


Nigel Jamieson

Associate Director

Gavin Robins


Diane Misirdjieff


Iz Sperling

Jordan Leah

Merette Boutros

Technical Designer/Editor

Khyam Cox


Eve Norris

Technical Assistant

Alexis Worthing

Project Manager

Lucia Haddad

Stage Manager/Editor

Joel Mallett

Stage Manager

Krystelle Quartermain

Assistant Stage Manager

Scott Cleggett

Voice Coach

Rob Maxwell

Voice Assistant

Lea Baker

Costume Supervisor

Sarah Murdoch

Properties Supervisor

Amanda Torrisi

Construction Supervisor

Florian Simonin

Design Assistants

Lou Flowers

Kathleen Kershaw

Costume Assistant

Tamsyn Balogh-Caristo

Properties Assistants

Jules Bisschoff

Luca Kovacs

Construction Assistant

Maxime Armand

Special Thanks

Jonsi, Danny Black, Riley van Heeswyk, Mic Gruchy, Khym Scott, Susie
Henderson, Charlotte Mungomery and Heather Middleton.

All artwork seen in "Lockdown: Love and Death in the Age of COVID" was painted and drawn by Micaela Ellis. The Lockdown team would like to thank Micaela for donating her artworks for the use in this production. 


The Lockdown team would also like to thank all of the roommates and housemates of the cast for their patience and
understanding whilst we were filming in their homes.

©2020 by LOCKDOWN: Love and Death in the Age of COVID.