Director's Note

Nigel Jamieson

It is a tough time to be an actor or someone working in theatre right now. 

Tougher still to be embarking on your career.

But disruption always has its upsides as we are forced to do things differently – and re-invent our lives and craft. Thanks to the students, working within this particular disruption has proved an unexpected delight.  

While physically not all meeting together till the final day of rehearsals, this project has placed the cast at the centre of the devising of the project, created and recorded on line through improvisation.  Intended to capture their lives at this significant moment history, they have thrown our story and the characters through the most unexpected of turns and upsets. The grace, humour and intelligence with which they have adapted to their new stages – often a half square metre squeezed between their computer and bed – has been a wonderful ride to join.

Our society and planet is undergoing massive challenges and changes.  With entrenched interests fighting a rear-guard action in our media and government, we require the widest engagement of voices fighting for change and dramatising the status quo.  If actors are seeking to break out of from their black boxes to find new audiences, then I hope this project has emboldened them to become their own authors, employing technologies that are readily available to them, to reach potentially massive and diverse audiences, even if having to wait for that elusive call about an audition.

©2020 by LOCKDOWN: Love and Death in the Age of COVID.